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You will receive 5 calcites from Mexico:

Honey Calcite: Being a crystal that aids in the alignment of the Root, Solar and Third-Eye chakras, it creates a powerful “trifecta” within yourself and expanding your creativeness. Bringing a harmonious and strong connection to Mumma Earth and Her power, this golden crystal will help you accomplish your goals and motivate you to continue your climb to the top. Complete your projects, put in the effort. Stay grounded in your personal desire and continue to cross your finish lines.

Red Calcite: This crystal harmonizes with your Base and Crown chakras, vibrates to the number 8 and is a marvelous crystal for the Cancerian people of our Zodiac. This crystal should bring you a clear mind, sensory and self awareness along with longevity and vitality. This stone will increase your will to have a fun, desirable and high energy perception on life. Grounding you to help protect your energy both emotionally and in a physical way, it will help you relax. Red calcite is wonderful for balancing your hormones and can aid women in childbirth and pregnancy.

Green Calcite: Waxy and smooth to touch, green calcite makes a remarkable meditation crystal. The green hue often insists there is various minerals in the make up of this stone, such as green chlorite, and they mix with the clear calcite to create this stunning mint green tone during the crystals formation. We have this crystal available in the rhombohedron shape, a six-sided prism, which is said to be less common in the green color. We also have it in other raw pieces. This crystal is integral for a beginner (or anyone) looking to expand their spiritual growth, as it will help you on your journey. Green Calcite brings balance and stability.

Blue Calcite: These Blue Calcite chunks from Mexico are just heavenly. They are extremely glossy and are extremely high quality. Blue Calcite is a soothing stone, wonderful for calming yourself, nerves and emotions. It is also a protection crystal when it comes to a person’s aura. Being a wonderful crystal for those prone to anxiety and for those who have issues speaking their mind or releasing negative emotions. Calcite is a wonderful absorption crystal when it comes to protecting your own energy. “Calcite forms from both the chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate and the transformation of shell, coral, fecal and algal debris into calcite during diagenesis. Limestone also forms as a deposit in caves from the precipitation of calcium carbonate.”

Orange Calcite: These juicy cuties help with working through emotional issues, energize the Sacral Chakra and other lower Chakras. Orange Calcite is known for being a powerful energy cleanser and helps connect us to higher dimensions. When you purchase you will receive one intuitively picked piece of this stunning orange calcite.