Rare Druzy Fluorite from Colorado

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These druzy green fluorite with a dusting of purple fluorite and white barite were professionally cleaned by a close friend and mined by them here in our home state of Colorado. The crystals are each from Mesa County, Colorado. These specimen are all extremely high quality, almost like glass. Flawless and no matrix in sight. These crystals are UV reactive and are essentially a 3 in 1. The deep green is beautiful and this super druzy piece almost seems like it sparkles. Green Fluorite vibrates to the number 2 and Purple Fluorite vibrates to the master number 77, having both of these Fluorites the crystal posses both energies. Green Fluorite helps to bring balance into your body and life, helping to balance your hormones, it also realigns your chakras. Purple Fluorite increases your psychic intuition and helps bring balance to your spiritual life. It helps bridge the gap between your intuition and your logical thinking.  This stunning Fluorite specimen will brighten up any collection!


1.3 in x 1.88 in x 1.15 in

43 grams

*Please do not keep Fluorite in direct sunlight, it will fade*