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Pyromorphite will help enhance the vibrations of your other crystals, best used while using crystals for healing. An amazing stone for those of you who love the outdoors and thrive in nature, this crystal supports gardeners and aids in connecting you to nature spirits. A chloro-phosphate mineral from the Apatite family, Pyromorphite is found in a few places scattered over the world (can even be found here in the US). They are secondary minerals, forming in oxidized zones of lead ore deposits. This mineral, as you can see, forms in tHesse unique barrel shapes that can resemble cacti. This mineral will allow you to open your throat and speak your truth while helping you prepare for future events. Pyromorphite helps you attract prosperity, money and personal power. It will help you understand why balancing your heart and mind is integral while showing you how karma works and where it is actively taking place in your day-to-day life. Awaken your creative side and help aid healing in multiple physical ailments, such as celiac and even you nervous system.