Azurite Blueberry Geode

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This stunning Azurite Blueberry geode from Russia is naturally this color. The faces of each half are polished but the druzy Azurite crystals on the inside are completely natural. This pair has druzy windows around the outside of the geode (photographed) and please view the video I have attached. Azurite is a crystal of wisdom and truth. A stone of longevity, spiritual mastery and integrity, Azurite promotes introspection and activating your creativity. Helps align the spine and will assist in easing aches and pains caused by arthritis and joint issues. Helps to amplify your healing powers along with healing your own emotional trauma, binging clarity. “In Ancient Egypt, azurite was so sacred that only the priests knew and guarded its secrets. They used it in the inner sanctum to understand the will of the gods. It has been linked with the lost wisdom of Atlantis.” This pair will come in the window box for easy display and protection for these fragile minerals.