Azurite and Malachite

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Whew look at those Azurite crystals glisten! Lots of hidden caves in this piece. This Azurite Malachite specimen comes from an old collection we inherited from a old friend and Spiritual mentor after he moved on. They were a very wise person, containing the utmost love and respect for their minerals and the Source. Malachite is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral and one of the first minerals to produce copper metal and Azurite is produced by weathering of copper ore deposits, Malachite comes overtime after the specimen lightens in color due to the weathering of the surface. This is why they are found together, because Azurite comes and after weathering, Malachite is what the specimen turns into. The two combined will help ease anxiety and promote calm and stability. This mineral combination is wonderful for Capricorn people, or anyone looking to open their Heart and Solar Plexus. The combination is particularly good as an aid to heal bone and muscle injuries. Azurite being wonderful for soothing any emotions and Malachite known for aiding in trauma, these two combined will help you push through any emotional or physical turmoil to the best of your ability. Helping to keep you determined and focused on your healing journey, these two minerals together will help you feel more balanced and will guide you to find your path here on Earth. This crystal needs to be cleansed often, and burying it is ideal if possible, if not a smoke cleanse with incense or charging under a Full Moon should help as I would not suggest getting these particular minerals wet (please keep away from water). Malachite is known to draw out trauma if placed in the same area, but sine it is so absorbent it is integral to cleanse your crystal. Azurite Malachite will help bridge any gaps between your Spiritual and Intuitive side to your logical side.